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What Is The Public Voice

Regardless of the relationship you have with San Mateo County, whether you are a resident or commuter, the availability and price of housing impacts your quality of life. The complexity of existing housing policies and viewpoints creates an environment that is not conducive to creating solutions.

Getting agreement on housing policy and proposed housing developments is complicated and often convoluted. The public process tends to be dominated by a handful of highly motivated, competing interests, often expressed in 3-minute sound bytes at evening meetings. What many believe is missing is a true representation of what an informed public wants. Do residents truly understand their options? What do people believe are the right housing choices for San Mateo County when they have a chance to think about the issues and talk with one another?

Through the Countywide Assembly, an Online Dialogue, and Community Conversations, Threshold 2009 believes that when given the facts and choices, the public will provide sound direction on housing solutions.

This is really a chance to get involved in a public process, an opportunity to be thoughtfully engaged.
– Chris Mohr, Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County

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